The Bangkok Book Awards are run by a group of international school librarians in Bangkok. The award is designed to celebrate excellence in  children’s global literature and create a shared local community of enthusiastic readers.

The Awards programme has four categories: Picture Books, Younger Reader BooksJunior Books, and Young Adult Books. The shortlisted books have all been published in the last five years and promote diversity of author, theme, genre, setting and narrative style. We really do hope there is something for everyone to discuss, debate and enjoy.

Please contact Stephen Murgatroyd, Teacher Librarian at Bangkok Patana School, or Katie Day, High School Librarian at NIST International School, with any questions about the Bangkok Book Awards.

A range of titles were considered, from which the short list was drawn. The following criteria were used to help the shortlisting panel to arrive at a balanced selection of books:

  • Books first published (or published in English) in 2014 or later.
  • Only the first book in a series was considered.
  • FICTION – Unrealistic, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
  • FICTION – Realistic (variety of genres)
  • Format variety (graphic, verse, poetry, short stories, etc.)
  • Geographical connection (by author’s origin, country of publication, setting of story, etc.)
  • Diversity (gender, race, culture, ability, etc.)
  • Translation
  • Social/global issues
  • Books with a Thailand or Asian connection