Picture Books (2021)

There’s a Rang-Tan in My Bedroom’ by James Sellick

‘There’s a Rang-Tan in My Bed­room’ by James Sellick

When a lit­tle girl dis­cov­ers a mis­chie­vous orang­utan on the loose in her bed­room, she can’t under­stand why it keeps shout­ing OOO! at her sham­poo and her choco­late. But when Rang-tan explains that there are humans run­ning wild in her rain­for­est, burn­ing down trees so they can grow palm oil to put in prod­ucts, the lit­tle girl knows what she has to do: help save the orangutans!

The Brilliant Deep’ by Kate Messner

‘The Bril­liant Deep’ by Kate Messner

All it takes is one:
One coral gamete to start a colony
One per­son to make a difference
One idea to change the world

The ongo­ing efforts to save and rebuild the world’s coral reefs–with ham­mer and glue, and grafts of new­ly grown coral–are the liv­ing lega­cy of Ken Nedimyer.

Kate Mess­ner and Matthew Forsythe tell the true sto­ry of the coral restora­tion pio­neer in this bril­liant trib­ute to the won­ders of nature and the pow­er of human ingenuity.

The Patchwork Bike’ by Maxine Beneba Clarke

‘Patch­work Bike’ by Max­ine Bene­ba Clarke

What’s the best fun in the whole vil­lage? Rid­ing the patch­work bike we made! A joy­ous pic­ture book for chil­dren by award-win­ning author Max­ine Bene­ba Clarke.

When you live in a vil­lage at the edge of the No-Go Desert, you need to make your own fun. That’s when you and your broth­ers get inven­tive and build a bike from scratch, using every­day items like an old milk pot (maybe mum is still using it, maybe not) and a used flour sack. You can even make a num­ber­plate from bark, if you want. The end result is a spec­tac­u­lar bike, per­fect for going bumpi­ty-bump over sand­hills, past your fed-up mum and right through your mud-for-walls home.

Lubna and Pebble’ by Wendy Meddour

‘Lub­na and Peb­ble’ by Wendy Meddour

In an unfor­get­table sto­ry, a young girl must decide if friend­ship means giv­ing up the one item that gives her com­fort dur­ing a time of utter uncertainty.

Lub­na’s best friend is a peb­ble. Peb­ble always lis­tens to her sto­ries. Peb­ble always smiles when she feels scared. But when a lost lit­tle boy arrives in the World of Tents, Lub­na real­izes that he needs Peb­ble even more than she does.

This emo­tion­al­ly stir­ring and stun­ning­ly illus­trat­ed pic­ture book explores one girl’s pow­er­ful act of friend­ship in the midst of an unknown situation.

Lovely Beasts’ by Kate Gardner

‘Love­ly Beasts’ by Kate Gardner

A stun­ning debut pic­ture book that encour­ages chil­dren to look beyond first impres­sions by shar­ing unex­pect­ed details about seem­ing­ly scary wild ani­mals like goril­las, rhi­noc­er­os­es, and more.

Spi­ders are creepy. Por­cu­pines are scary. Bats are ugly. Or are they…?

This cap­ti­vat­ing book invites you to learn more about awe-inspir­ing ani­mals in the wild. After all, it’s best not to judge a beast until you under­stand its full, love­ly life.

Grumpy Monkey’ by Suzanne Lang

‘Grumpy Mon­key’ by Suzanne Lang

Jim the chim­panzee wakes up in a bad mood one day, for no good rea­son, but he keeps deny­ing he is grumpy. His friends can’t under­stand it–how can he be in a bad mood when it’s SUCH a beau­ti­ful day? They encour­age him not to hunch, to smile, and to do things that make THEM hap­py. But Jim can’t take all the advice…and has a BIT of a melt­down. Could it be that he just needs a day to feel grumpy?